About Us

Our history

We are a family of to hard working people. EPON professional makeup bags and accessories products, as an idea, appeared in 2016 after my wife , who is professional makeup and SFX artist, has worked for 7 years . And by that time she knew exactly what she needs, to make part of her work easier and more comfortable – to cary all of her products, organizing her brushes.  I helped  to bring her ideas to life.

Now we produce makeup backbags, that are vary durable, fit lot of products that you can organized on your need . Backbag s are perfectly designed and are vary stylish.

Its making it simple to work on different sets, even if you have little of space. And its all the time look organized.

EPON professional backbag top rated for quality materials and comfortability in using.

There are several more professional bags on the way 
SET shoulder makeupbag – transformer
Clear bag of makeup and hair artist
Brush holder
and more...